Employees Give Coworker A Car To Shorten 3 Hour Commute

Employees Give Coworker A Car To Shorten 3 Hour Commute

Despite having to depend on buses and rides from friends and family to get to work, one Tennessee woman never missed a shift at her new job.

“I had to depend on other people or get up early to catch the bus,” said Linda Walton, who started working for Pristine Clean and Organizational Services two months ago. And even though it took her about 3 hours every day to commute, she never complained to her coworkers about her situation or missed a day. “It was a daily struggle. They knew but they didn’t because I didn’t complain.”

However, one day, Walton’s ride home couldn’t come and get her, so a coworker drove her home and was stunned at how long it took. Once everyone realized just how far she traveled every day, they decided to pool their money and buy her a new car. “You have to be that dedicated to ride a bus for two hours and then walk 40 min,” Walton’s boss, Krissy Marcellini Tammaro, said. “She is a great human being.”

“If you were to know Miss Linda, you would want to do this for her. She has a huge heart,” Marcellini Tammaro said. “The determination she has to come to work — who wouldn’t want to reward someone like that?” When the team showed Walton her surprise, she couldn’t contain her gratitude.  “All my prayers were answered,” Walton said. “I prayed the night before I couldn’t get a ride to work… I asked God to fix my transportation problems — I know it was him.”

Watch the entire video below to see the incredible thing these employees did for a coworker.

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[Featured image: Inside Edition]