Man Creates Inspiring Solution When A Broken Down Train Created Miles Of Gridlock

Man Creates Inspiring Solution When A Broken Down Train Created Miles Of Gridlock

Sometimes, God gives us a subtle reminder that we need to take time to slow down. Other times, He drops a train right in our face and forces us to slow down whether we want to or not.

This happened to me recently. I was with my family in Fort Lauderdale over a holiday weekend. We were rushing around to get somewhere and I was a little bit cranky, as tends to happen when I haven’t had my coffee yet.

Just as we were approaching a set of train tracks, the rail went down holding us up and further frustration set in.

I was sitting there with my Mom and brother waiting for this train to come through, but it never showed up. Five minutes went by, then ten, twenty….the minutes were ticking past, but the train was not.

Likewise, behind us, the traffic was at a dead halt and continually getting worse. I sighed with frustration and anxiety while I sat waiting for this train that wasn’t going to show up.

Then something adorable happened.

I watched somebody step out of their car and hold up the rail for their fellow drivers. A few cars trickled through, the man ran back to his car, and he carried on with his merry way. Then, the next man in line jumped out of his car and did the same. This got the traffic moving again, even if it was only a little.

[Michelle LaFiura/LifeDaily]
At this point, my frustration had waned into simple curiosity, and having my camera on me, I decided to get out and film the cute encounter.

Eventually, mechanics showed up, the cops took over, and the train FINALLY passed through. It had broken down about a mile away and was crawling along the tracks at a glacial speed.

[Michelle LaFiura/LifeDaily]

As I got back in the car, my Mom said some inspiring words that stuck with me. “Maybe we needed to slow down and appreciate this moment, rather than rushing through our day at the speed of life.”

And that’s when it hit me like a steal train: sometimes, the universe gives you a small reminder to slow down, and other times it has to drop a train (or lack of a train) right in your face to make you appreciate the time spent with family.

These little pieces of life happen to us daily and if we open our eyes to them, they can change our world. If you’ve had a similar experience, we’d love to hear about it, and don’t forget to SHARE this story with the family you appreciate dearly.

[Featured Image Credit: Michelle LaFiura/LifeDaily]