Vet Warns Dog Owners About Mysterious Flesh-Eating Disease

Vet Warns Dog Owners About Mysterious Flesh-Eating Disease

Taking a dog for daily walks is the best way for dogs to burn off all their energy and stay healthy, but one UK vet is warning dog owners that it might also lead to an incurable, deadly disease.

Originally, the canine disease called Alabama Rot popped up in the United States in the 1980s and first seemed to only affect Greyhounds, however, the incurable disease, which causes skin sores and kidney failure, can affect any dog breed and has begun popping up in other countries.

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“The cause of Alabama Rot is still unknown and sadly there is no known way to prevent a dog from contracting the disease,” said David Walker, an expert in the disease from Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists. Veterinarians are not sure how many cases are currently in the United States, but three new cases just emerged in the UK.

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In order to protect your dog, Dr. Huw Stacey, director of clinical services at Vet4Pets, is warning dog owners to pay close attention to early warning signs. “The first sign is normally seen is a skin sore that isn’t caused by a known injury. Most commonly these sores are found below the elbow or knee and appear as a distinct swelling, a patch of red skin or are open or ulcer-like.”

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While there is still no known cause, Vets4Pets also warns to always bathe your dog after muddy walks since it is believed to be picked up on the legs and paws.

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